“Such A Bore” Cans – Trials & Tribulations



A post like this is never easy to write, and indeed one that none of us in the brewing industry would want to, but it is with heavy hearts that we need to recall this beer in canned form.
As I’m sure many of you will be aware we worked with the amazing “Weird Beard Brew Co” in January to come up with 2 new beers:
From Weird Beard – Coconhagen Interpretation (A Coconut Stout)
From us – Kwantum State (A Kaffir Lime Saison)
Most of you will also know that the fun did not stop there! Weird Beard sent a few litres of the stout for us to blend and can at our end. Something which to our knowledge had not been done before.
Over the last couple of weeks, we have had reports of a few of these cans becoming increasingly under pressure until they have popped their lids. This, as we now know, is a result of the yeast from the Saison continuing to act on the residual sugars in the blend within the can.
It appears that this only happens when the cans have been kept warm for an increased length of time which of course some of them will have, but as we can’t personally track every can we have made the tough decision to seek to find cans still in circulation and replace them at our cost.
If you do still have a can of “Such A Bohr” then please would you dispose of it in your outside dustbin unopened in a sealed bag.
Please do then send us an e-mail to enquiries@wildweatherales.com and we will happily send you out a replacement.
We’d like to apologise to customers who have had this happen to them, and we would like to point out that while we made the beer with Weird Beard this problem lies squarely in our camp due to this being our blend and packaging process.
Thank you to all of you who have been so understanding, it’s you who help us to strive to brew beers on the edge.
Team Wild Weatherbohr can