And tonight Matthew I’m going to be…….

Well the year keeps steadily slipping away, and yet we keep trying to fit 2 years of work into just a few months. Pushing out beers and plans like the busy bees we are!

Last we spoke Mike and I had just come back from quite a chequered trip in Ireland where the weather did its best to break our spirits (not to mention our sales). Great things came of this however as you can now buy a range of our cans in over 30 shops all over that fine land.

Our next trip was much smoother! Landing in Italy we soon headed over to Acido Acida, and let us tell you first hand that if you ever want to head to an incredible sour beer festival then this may just be the one for you! A careful blend of UK and Italian brewers with some from a few other countries (Reservoir Dogs brewing from Slovenia are ones to watch) meant that there really was a style and a beer for everyone. If we had to pick a brewery for the weekend I think Mike and myself would both agree that “BioNoc” really stole our hearts and palates.

Moving forward what’s on the cards? Well a lot more collaborations, tap takeovers and festivals are penciled in on our well-worn wall chart. Just last week we had the incredible “Mad Hatter Brewing” in the house for the first of this year’s little get togethers. We won’t bore you with the details but see below for what we’ve been working on!

Next up we take over the “Blackjack Brewing” taproom “The Smithfield Tavern” for the evening (14.06.18) then move on to a brew the next morning. This is doubly special for us because not only do we get to work with Rob and his team (It’s been on the cards for over a year) but this is where our friend Kieran from “Uprising Brewery” has now moved to.

Does it end here……………..No it does not! With “Weird Beard”, “Hopcraft / Waen” and “Two Tribes” all booked in there’s just no stopping us now!

Outside of brewing we have now moved our export countries up to a total of 8 countries and counting, the brew house is growing this year and our beers are going from strength to strength!

We’ll update you again in a couple of months but until then as always……..we’ll see you at the bar