As The Year Goes Off With A Bang

Well, as one year closes, another one opens its arms, kicks you through the door thrusts a pint into your hand and ushers you to the front of a conga line! In short………………..We’ve been busy already this year.

Events!!!!! Who would’ve thought just a few years ago that we’d be in such high demand? And we love you lot for wanting to meet us at / in your local bars, at beer festivals or even just out in the street! This year we are really making the effort to get to every event we possibly can, as we truly believe that without your support we’d be nowhere.


So what exactly have we got coming up? This is always hard to put to paper as inevitably as fast as I type this, things appear / disappear and become irrelevant, so this is what may or may not have happened already / be happening by the time you read this.

Well (deep breath) the 1st of March see us take over the taps at the “Greyfriar” in Reading with our good friends “Bad seed Brewery”. It’s been a long time since we’ve had all the taps at one of Reading’s best craft establishments and there are rumours that one of Bad seed’s mixed fermentation sour kegs might make it onto the bar. This then leads us directly into a night at “The Castle Tap” where not only do we take over ALL of the taps but we also take over the stage! That’s right, the bands from “Wild Weather” (Threepwood, Damn Dead Sea, Curious Sounds) all get up to strut their stuff, with our acoustic acts (Iain, Mike, Chris, JD) all in tow.


Later in March (the 27th for those of you that love details) we are back at London’s “Rake Bar” but we won’t be alone! A massive Berkshire takeover will ensue with “Siren”, “Elusive” and “Renegade”, each of us showing our best wares and proving why the Royal County might just be the best place to brew beer at the moment!

But all this doesn’t mean that we don’t leave our back yard for events. On the 15th of March we are back at our favourite York pub being “The Falcon Tap” for a night with Beardy Joe and the crew (First time out they had to buy a pallet of beer on the strength of a bet, second time out I LITERALLY lost my shirt!). June has us in one of the best craft beer cities in England, as we take to Manchester to take over all the taps at “Blackjacks” very own pub (Yes this means you can expect a big collaboration here). And still that’s not all!!!!! Mike & Iain take to the skies in April and land with a bump in “ACIDO ACIDA” One of Italy’s premier sour festivals!


Of course as you might expect, along with all this we have some killer collaborations and other events in the pipe line. But if we told you all that now………well we’d have nothing to write about next time!