Cans, Plans & Adoring Fans


Well this is it, it’s here!! The first of our new blog posts.

Here we will at least try and keep you up to date with what’s happening within the walls of Wild Weather Ales. If not jog your memories of upcoming events and other such beery nonsense. That said we would like to start with a massive thank you to each and every person that drank our beer, attended (or hosted) an event, put us on their bar or simply tweeted us out last year. We have come on in leaps and bounds, and that simply would not be possible without each and every one of you!!!

So things you may not know that have already happened this year……

Wild Weather started canning, yes us!! We’re as surprised as you. And for this we doth our caps to the boys at Beavertown. Their pioneering ways have meant that it’s now more than viable for us to put some of our favourite beers in can, not only making them lighter to carry and more durable, but keeping the beer in an all-round better condition (but we won’t get into the science here). First in was “Sunday League Relegation Playoffs” our Hopcraft collaboration Red IPA followed closely by last year incredibly popular “Sunbathe In The Shade”. But No No. We are not stopping there, March sees us put “Mudslinger” and “Riptide” within the tiny metal cylinders of desire.

New beers are always fun. And while we will not be able to keep up on the blog with everything we put out there (see Facebook and twitter for that), we should at least start off on the right foot.

The year has started with a 2 way Collaboration with Uprising brewery. That meant spending a day with our favourite “Bearded Hipster” Kieran (and as a bonus guest Andy Parker from new “Elusive Brewing” came along to taste beers and have a chat). The plan – Brew a beer that looks like a Black IPA but actually drinks like a super hoppy Pale. I won’t tell you to much more here, just that Squid Ink was involved.


The next 2 beers in have been part of what will be a long series of beers for us, our “favourite song series”. The idea to be take a song that we are passionate about, and brew a beer that translates the words or feelings into a glass. 2 have been done so far, both to be in bars within a fortnight. We won’t tell you just yet, but so far Mike and Iain have put their stamp on the pump clips.

Until next time.

Drink Fresh, Embrace The Weather