Passion builds brands, but friends build passion!!

Well then “Summer” is now officially upon us, so it seems only right that once again we tell you what has happened and what will be happening.

Where to start, how about collaborations??

As we mentioned in our last update “Bad Seed” came down and showed us a thing or two about saisons. This was doubly exciting for us, as not only was it the first time we had brewed this style, but the first time we had added fruit in this way, meaning that “Fraise et Poivre” was born (a strawberry and cracked black pepper saison).fraise et poivre

This has inspired us to push this forward meaning that in the very near future we have both “United states of………….Whatever” (a mango puree filled pale) and Chris’s song series beer “Plain Sailing Weather” which pushes us even further by using Kaffir lime leaves.

That brings us beautifully onto our most recent brewery collaboration with “Tenby Brew Co”. These being close friends of ours for years, they didn’t mind at all teaching us how they infuse the beautiful lime flavour into “Barefoot Blonde” their signature pale ale (see above for where we used this knowledge). But you don’t just want to teach an old dog new tricks, so heads were put together, boards waxed and barnacles bounced as we tossed around ideas for what would become “Fiddler on the reef”, a massive Simcoe hopped American Amber. logo

But oh no no……That’s not all……….

What seems like quite some time ago now Kevin Durkan from Caversham’s own “Fox and Hounds” told us the quite preposterous story  that when he had his brewery (2 bridges), his “Golden Cygnet” beer was the quickest ever to sell out at “The Nags Head”. Rubbish we though, but no, after asking on Jody on a drunken night around the table with Kevin and Anne-Marie & Charlie from “The Grumpy Goat”, he confirmed this claim.

Well beers were drunk, stupid ideas thrown around, and ultimately we invited the teams from all 3 of Reading and Caversham’s premium drinking establishments to come and brew and updated version of this mythical beast with us!!13567469_10100432904794963_5826653239527374375_n

“FOXY GOAT HEAD” will be launched on 16TH JULY in all 3 establishments in 3 different forms and we hope you can come along and join us to celebrate this!!

Grumpy Goat – Bottle Conditioned Beer

Nags Head – Unfined Beer (Vegan Friendly)

Fox and Hounds – Fined beer

Next up to excite us is “Hampshire Octoberfect”. And yes, I know we say this about every festival, but this one truly does hold a special place for us. Not only is this the festival that Iain (attempts to) visits all three days off, because the beer and music selection is just so good. But our apprentice brewer “Chris Price” is on in the acoustic tent on the Saturday (check out his video in our sessions page)hampshire

Speaking of the sessions, the next one is confirmed, we will be recording the next wave on Saturday the 13th August, so if you are a solo artist and are interested in having a video made then please do get in touch.

And like always,

Thank you all for the continued support.