Time + Friends = Creativity

Well it’s been a little while since our last (first) blog post, and with good reason too!! It’s been “all hands on deck” in the Wild Weather camp.


Let’s start with what’s coming up in the very near future;

Well (pauses, deep breath) Thursday the 7th sees us brew our first beer with Andy Parker from “Elusive Brewing”. The plan here is to (at time of writing) have THE ONLY beer to be launched at READING BEER FESTIVAL……..I won’t say too much, but the pump clip might give it away.

Lemon Head

Mike and Iain are off to the amazing “Bad Seed Brewing” on the 14th, with a hopfenweisse on the cards with all the creativity you have come to know from us and the awesome brew skill of Bad Seed…………But that’s not all, the night before (13th) will have us all at “The Falcon Tap” in York for a Wild Weather “Tap Takeover”, This will be one of the few places that you can get your hands on our new “Serendipity”.


The 15th and 16th of the month sees our first appearance within the walls of Newbury Racecourse for their “Dubai Duty Free, Spring Trials” event. Featuring a great beer festival, pitting us alongside our friends at “Windsor and Eton” and “Stonehenge Ales”.

beer fest race

Finally for the month is “Reading Beer Festival” (28th April – 1st May). We absolutely love this festival, and this year we have really flexed our creative muscles with our offerings.


So what HAS happened?

Well, those of you that follow our Facebook will know that Mike and Iain went on a research trip to Prague, and although hazy, we have come back with some ways we can push our beer even further.


FV number 6 is now in the brewery!!! Giving us a little more room to keep pushing the boundaries of our beer (lest we not forget that FV 5 only went in at the end of January).


A limited amount of the sought after “Rip Tide” went into cans, and so (for a short while at least) joins the ranks alongside “Sunday League” and “Sunbathe”. Alongside this we hope to be able to make a MASSIVE announcement about our cans in the very near future!!


So as always, Cheers!! And we hope to see you at the bar.