Times they are a changing!

January seems an appropriate time for one of our “regular” updates, and as I’m sure you can see by the speed in which posts have been coming there has not been much time left in the day to put “pen to type pad” and get all our updates documented!

In this update I’m going to limit it, just the diet version, the zero calorie full taste blog post giving you only what you need and crave. That does mean unfortunately I won’t have time to tell you about some BIG  collabs with the likes of LOKA POLLY, MELISSA COLE and our much anticipated return collab with the experimental BEXAR COUNTY.

”Shut up you tease and get to the point” I hear you cry!  Well…………………..Over the years “Wild Weather” has evolved, not only in terms of growth of team, beer and…..well……..waistlines, but we’ve constantly been working on improving our beer (with the addition of new canning lines, a hop rocket, new fermenters and new mash tun, not to mention a slurry of other gadgets designed to make the beer crisper cleaner and tastier).

The thing is, well, we no longer felt like the beer was reflected in our brand. With this in mind we’ve gone hammer and tongs to refresh the cans, update our pump clips and run Henry the Hoover over the website ready for a quick spruce up!

We are launching from the 16th of February with a pub crawl around Reading’s finest (See the event details here) we’ll be there to talk you through how we’ve matured in style, what’s coming next and where we’d like you to join us on our journey.

For those of you within the pub trade asking “well this is all well and good, but how the Dickens do I get hold of this”.  As of next week, casks, kegs and NEW 440ml cans will be hitting all your favourite distributors ready for you to celebrate this leap with us.

Finally, if you’d like to see some of the new sour range, them come and find us this year at CRAFT BEER RISING where we think we’ll truly have some surprises for you. Thank you once again for your continued support and we look forward to bringing you along on the journey in the coming years.