What A Year Just Gone…………. What A Year To Come!!

Well firstly lets start by thanking you for hanging on for updates, we know we should be more on the ball with these but hope that Facebook and Twitter suffice in the meantime support your thirst for both knowledge and beer!!


So……….Starting with the obvious things, WE ONLY WENT AND GOT OURSELVES A CANNING LINE!! Yes old news we know, and with currently 7 lines and 17000 of these in the wild there’s a good chance if you are reading this then you already have a few of these in your fridge.

The year ended well for us, with good growth and a massive hangover of a Christmas party, brought on in some way by the addition of our Kevin Black collaboration stout. It was great fun to work with Kev and there are plans to do another beer (maybe a hoppy IPA) with him in the coming months.


Speaking of collaborations………..well, haven’t we started strong this year!! Currently with a bushel of Weird Beard brews sat in the tanks (Saison with us, Stout with them & a blend) and with Stu from THE YEASTIE BOYS joining us tomorrow (12.01.17) to make it a month to rival any other brew house.


But we are not stopping there!! Andy Parker from Elusive Brewing has agreed to grace our tanks one more time (and us his). Blackjack from Manchester are keen for a date, and we are in talks with Twisted Barrel for a vegan adventure!!


Along with all this more and more events are happening around us, I’m always a little hesitant to mention them on the blog as they pass so quickly, but the Castle Tap sees us have a total takeover this week with all the in house brewery musicians making an appearance. The Plasterers Arms in Norwich has invited us for an evening of debauchery & The Nags Head of Reading have invited The Yeastie Boys and ourselves in for the 19th of February for a joint tap takeover to ring in there 10 year anniversary!!.


Each time I have to write one of these more and more has to be said, but until we bump into each other at the bar………….Thankyou again for all of your continued support. And we will strive to keep you drinking great beers this year.