What we’ve been up to, and why updates take so long!

We’ve not been lazy here (honest) it’s just been so busy for us in the past few months that we have had no time to update our own sleep patterns, let alone a blog on the website .

“But what have you been busy with?” we hear you cry! And you know what, that’s a heck of a question. Well as you may know by now it’s been nearly a year to the day since we commissioned our canning machine and began on that journey. The eagle eyed among you will know that not all has been smooth, but with all progress comes challenges and we have only grown as a brewery because of this. “Why do I bring this up?” Well our new canning line is now winging its way from Canada ready to be installed (hopefully) late January.

Export is something we have talked about for a while, but not had the time to really get our head around! But since the arrival of JD (Brewer) to our team, Mike (Captain) has been able to really wrap himself up in a world of pain *cough cough* I mean……logistics and start to grow us in that direction. This means that we hope by the end of the year we should be in around 6 different countries, which is a hell of a start. Not to mention we are have grown by 60% in this country this year.


Well no way can we do an update on every new brew we do. If you’ve kept your nose in the air and smelt “What the weather is brewing” you know that we have done A LOT of new brews this year. Both pushing the potential of our kit and the potential of our team. That said, here’s just a few exciting things we have done and have coming up…………..

Collaboration brews are big for us, and we don’t do these because we feel we need to. We just love having chance to work with friends we have made along the way, along with some of the breweries that have really inspired us. In the last month we have done both a white and black “Tiramisu Stout” with our buddy’s at “Brewheadz” (Launch party at their brew house in Tottenham on October 21st). Not to mention a massive “Gooseberry NEDIPA” with the incredible “Mad Hatter Brew Co” (A banana split heffe is planned for the return).

But it’s not just great breweries we will work with! This year has seen us spread our wings and work with incredibly talented content creators too. “Smiley Dave UK” came down post summer to give us some cocktail inspiration with “The Tropical”(you can see the video for how this day went HERE), and just last week we had “Doozer McDooze” and “The Famous Artist Birdy Rose” in to help them out for there “DoozerBird project” and give us some inspiration for a new massive English hopped IPA “Pirate Captain” (Do check all these people out in the links, Doozer in fact released a new single today which can be seen HERE).

Finally we are working with the fastest growing UK beer group “UKCBF” for a huge 2 year party. I won’t tell you too much here as its members only, but the link is there for you to click, so join in, join the party and join the growth of “Wild Weather”

Once again cheers for all the support, stay tuned for more events, more music and more mad beer.