Who We’ve Got Beef With!

Picture the scene………..

You finish a hard day’s work (In this case brewing our “Cockle & Seaweed Stout” with “Bexar County“) and decide to head to the local pub for a few cheeky libations. Two or three bars in and the conversation is flowing well and the beer flowing even better.

You head into the warmth of the final pub (Reading’s own “Nags Head“)and idle up to the bar, where you’re not only greeted by a winning smile (Hello Lola) but also with the information that there is a team of people in the corner of the room that you’ve never met, but who’d like to have a word with you.

On this occasion, this went well!

Adam and his team from “Honest Burgers” had been seeing the sights and sounds of Reading, checking the local beer, bars and culture to get a well-rounded view of the town in light of the upcoming opening of their new restaurant.

Greeted with the great news that not only had we been recommended by several of the local bars and businesses, but after trying our beers their intention was to get in touch! Well this meeting was serendipitous to say the least (I mean…..what are the chances of finding me in a pub)

After a quick chat that night in the pub, we had organized a proper meeting for a week later in London. This worked doubly well for us as not only did we get to talk beer with an awesome chain but we got to sample their wares too! (Seriously Reading, you are in for a treat)


Wings, Rings and burgers sampled (along with a plethora of beer brought by us) and talk got onto how we could work together to make the Reading beer list that little bit more special. Adam told us that they wanted a beer that’s on trend but also a great pairing for a burger, something hazy and oaty still full of hops but not so much that it’s overpowering the food.

A week later, several chats between the teams and “Kings St Pale” was nestled in our FV. Using Bramling Cross as the base, then double dry hopped with Mosaic. Oats in the mash provide great body while helping everything to stay in suspension!

Well the beer is now in cans (And “Honest” will be the ONLY place you can get these) and we patiently await the launch with a few teaser casks hitting Readings local pubs before launch day.

It’s truly been an honour to work with “Honest” on this project, and from now on you can find us there before any good night out in town!