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The Tap


We are very proud of our “brewery tap”. With 8 keg ales ranging from IPA’s to Pales. Sours to Stouts changing weekly, we are sure we can find a beer for you.

You are welcome to pop in any time and have a pint, we are never to busy to look after you.  Simply grab a barrel to sit on, Find the beer you would like (sampling is actively encouraged) and find yourself a space to either watch the process or simply enjoy the world turning.



we have refillable 2 litre growlers, meaning that once you have found a beer that takes your fancy, you can take away the freshest beer for the weekend. again these can be filled at any time, and until opened will stay fresh for a month. Then once its empty, give it a rinse and come get it refilled with a new beer.

First Fill

Below 5% Beer + Growler = £17
5% or above Beer + Growler = £19

Return Fill

Below 5% Beer = £12.50
5% or above Beer = £14.50

Bag In Box / Casks

As of this year we no longer do “Bag in box”. For no other reason then call for this was just not big enough compared to our 2L “Growlers”. We will still do 72 pint casks and 35 pint pins on request. Thankyou for supporting us on this decision